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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


What does the DOE, NPR, NEA, AMTRAK, EPA have in common?

You might say they are funded by the Taxpayer of The United States and you would be correct. You might say they don’t provide any service that helps the American People and you would be correct. Do they take taxpayer money and send it down a rat hole, I think so.
Does the DOE create energy, I don’t think so. Has 1 drop of oil or natural gas been produced, I don’t think so. Does the DOE take taxpayer money and send it down a Rat Hole, I think so. Created in 1977, 16,000 employees, annual budget $24.1 billion 2009, 2010 $26.4 billion.
Does NPR serve a purpose that the taxpayers should have to pay for, I don’t think so. This is supposed to be a Capitalist Nation, if NPR served a purpose a private company would be running it and a profit would be made. If the NPR wasn’t a shill for the Demon-Crats do you think the taxpayers would have to pay for it, I don’t think so.
Does the NEA provide a great education for the children of the United States, I don’t think so. The level of proficiency of the public school child has dropped every year there has been a NEA even though the United States taxpayer has paid more and more every year. The federal government takes taxpayer money and dumbs down the American school child (to liberalism) and the unions send the money down a rat hole, campaign ads for Demon-Crats .
Does Amtrak serve a purpose, I don’t think so. Amtrak doesn’t even own the tracks they run on. The tracks are owned by Capitalist (they have to make a profit). Take an Amtrak train from Dearborn MI to Chicago sometime. 6 to 7 hours to go 269 miles, of course most of that time is sitting on a switch track waiting for the freight train to pass through.
Now obama wants high speed rail, another rat hole for the taxpayer’s money. Does anyone think that the EPA will allow train tracks to be built across rivers, creeks through forest, I don’t think so? What would they be powered by Solar Power, I don’t think so.

Could these Federal Agency be eliminated, without doing any harm to the American Way of life, I think so.
If the Federal Government eliminated the DOE money could be used to explore, drill oil & natural gas well, produce clean coal technology and build nukes and private companies would make it possible not to depend on foreign governments (that hate us).
The money spent on NEA would be controlled on a state by state basis (as it once was before the unions got involved) and I guarantee the children of the United States would greatly improve on the world scale as it was when I was going to state public schools.
If the money (sent down the rat hole) for NPR, AMTRAK & EPA were stopped tomorrow the only people affected would be the greedy government workers with the pensions & benefits that the private employees (that produce a product or provide a service that someone will pay for) don’t have.

I want even start on obama care!!!!!!!!

James C. Davis

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