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Thursday, March 24, 2011

How close are to 1921

In an article Published: Friday, March 18, 2011, 8:10 AM
“Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder booed by union workers at Ford Focus celebration.”
Ford spent $450 million dollars to retool the plant so the Ford Focus could be made in the United States. Ford didn’t do like “government motors” they are putting $450 million dollars (taxpayers money) in a new plant in Mexico, that sure will help the Michigan economy.
Gov. Snyder & Gov. Walker are trying their best to get their states back into a position that companies can stay and provide jobs for their citizens. Both Gov. Snyder & Gov. Walker are fought tooth and nail by the unions (Demon-Crats, same thing) to hamper the states turn around, after being run into the ground by Jennifer Granholm, Jim Doyle & the UAW for 8 years.
The union people that booed Gov. Snyder all wore red T-shirts declaring their "Solidarity with Wisconsin." I seem to remember another union that wore brown shirts and eventually the world had to pay a great price for those brown shirts, does anyone remember?
 Anyone can look this up: In 1921 Adolf Hitler formed his own private army called Sturm Abteilung (Storm Section). The SA (also known as stormtroopers or brownshirts) were instructed to disrupt the meetings of political opponents and to protect Hitler from revenge attacks. Captain Ernst Roehm of the Bavarian Army played an important role in recruiting these men, and became the SA's first leader.
Does this remind you of the things going on in The United State today? 
Replace Hilter with Obama & Richard Trumka with Roehm. Naked Emperor News 1 “Head line Shocking Level of Influence: Trumka Talks to White House EVERY DAY and Visits a Couple Times A Week”
The storm-troopers of Hitler were used to disrupt meetings of political opponents. What would you call the unions disrupting Government meeting in Wisconsin & Michigan because the Governors’ of both states are doing what the taxpayers elected them to do?
Just how much power are the taxpayers of The United States going to let the union bosses have?
Will we turn into another Third Reich soon? We already have Czars running everything without the consent of even the Congress? How much difference is there in Brown Shirts and Red Shirts (Ford union personnel) and where they disrupting a political opponent?
Please American Taxpayer wake up, it’s later than you know.
James C. Davis
Taxed Way too Much to Support the Union Crowd (TEA) party anyone?

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